Water Quality at Home and at the Cottage

Country Cottage on a Lake

Nothing beats a relaxing summer weekend at the cottage after a long week at work! Miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city with all the amenities of home, your family vacation spot is your own private paradise to get away from it all.

As wonderful as your favorite retreat may be, you might notice differences in the way water looks, tastes, and smells. You might also notice issues with cleaning and cooking that you don’t face while at home or work. The difference may be especially apparent for people who have a municipal water supply at home and a private well at their vacation home.

Depending on your location and the type of water treatment equipment you have, the water at your vacation home might contain a variety of factors different than what you’re used to during the week, such as: limescale buildup, rust stains, rotten egg odors, metallic taste, or even ones that go unnoticed.

Hard Water and Bathing

If you experience itchy skin and dry hair while at your weekend getaway, your water could be to blame. The minerals found in hard water (calcium and magnesium) bond with soap and shampoo to create a sticky curd, making it more difficult to rinse off while leaving you feeling less clean than expected after a long day of fun in the sun.

You may also notice lower water pressure due to hard water leaving deposits that clog your plumbing and shower head. There’s nothing worse than trying to get the sand out of your hair without a strong stream of water.

Calcium and magnesium dissolve in water as it travels through the earth before entering your retreat, so the type of bedrock and distance it travels will have an impact on your overall water quality. Water that is just slightly harder than you are used to can make a big difference. Installing a water softener at your vacation home creates water that is better for showering, so ­you will feel refreshed and look your best!

Cleaning with Hard Water

Are you serving your guests their favorite beverages in spotty glasses? Are you drying off with scratchy towels and finding it nearly impossible to go without always wiping away soap scum from the shower? The minerals in hard water will also make cleaning more difficult and time consuming, putting a dent in your vacation time. Installing a water softener will help with these issues and make your summer getaway a more enjoyable experience.

Another unpleasant cleaning issue that may come from high levels of iron in groundwater is rust colored staining in your sinks, shower, and toilets. These iron stains can be very hard to remove or lead to a slimy, smelly film (known as iron bacteria) in your toilet tank. While not harmful, it can be a nuisance and may give your water an unpleasant taste or odor.

Our WaterCare TotalCare Conditioner is ideal for removing both high hardness and high iron levels in a single unit. Reducing the amount of water treatment equipment can also help you save some of the limited space you have in your vacation home.

Man serving lemonade to guestsDrinking Water Quality at Your Vacation Home

Keeping hydrated while enjoying the summer weather is important for everyone, but bad tasting or smelling water may be hindering your loved one’s efforts to meet daily requirements.

Buying and carrying bottled water can be a burden, and dealing with the extra waste from water bottles is bad for the environment. Wouldn’t it be ideal for everyone to be able to draw a refreshing glass of water from the tap when they desired?

A great way to get quality drinking water on-site is through a reverse osmosis (R.O.) system. An R.O. uses a special membrane and compressed carbon block filters to filter impurities that make your water smell or taste bad. It also reduces other potential contaminants that are health concerns like nitrates, arsenic, and lead. Water filtered through a R.O. system will make for better cooking, better tasting beverages, and clearer ice cubes.

Your local WaterCare expert can install an R.O. system right under your sink and test your water to find out why it smells and tastes a bit off. Having a reverse osmosis system installed will give you peace of mind that your family is drinking the best quality water you can afford, while saving you precious cargo space time after time!

Better Water for a Better Vacation Experience

It may not seem like a big deal at first, but soft water and good drinking water can make your summer cottage an even better getaway. You will be able to spend more time with your family and less time cleaning. Plus, your packing list will get a little bit smaller and you will have more room in the car to pack the real necessities, like marshmallows!

Hard water will wear on your plumbing, fixtures, and shorten the lifespan of your appliances. Your vacation home is a major investment and treating the water that runs through it will help keep everything running at peak performance for much longer than it would without water treatment.

Your local WaterCare dealer can perform a free water quality test and determine what solution will best fit your water quality issue. Our water experts can also show you how to program your water softener when you’re away from your vacation home and explain maintenance you should perform with your water treatment system during the off-season.


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